These Exact 3 Email Campaigns Made Me an Extra $6,504.82

email campaigns

Creating email campaigns was a new experience for me. I had built a successful 6-figure store with Facebook ads but knew deep down that I couldn’t be dependent on that channel forever. So I started experimenting with email.

Let me be clear, these email marketing campaigns were only sent to people who had previously purchased from our store. And we didn’t start on day one. We began creating email marketing campaigns after we had already amassed a large customer base and following.

We didn’t send emails to random subscribers or ‘cold leads.’ We were new to email marketing and wanted to focus on giving our email campaigns the best chance of success.

So, we focused on sending emails to people who had just purchased from us. Why? Because since they already purchased from us once, it was likely we could get them to purchase again.

These email campaigns helped me make an extra $6,504.82 with the customer list I had already built up. You can use these copy and paste email templates for your own store or experiment by creating your own emails using these email campaigns as inspiration. But first, let’s dive into why you should create email marketing campaigns.

Why You Should Create Email Marketing Campaigns

email marketing campaignsOne of the biggest mistakes I made as a store owner was relying on one marketing channel. At the time, Facebook was driving the most growth and so I decide to focus on what was working. However, I wished I had started emailing marketing sooner. Here’s why:

  • It’s easily automated: I spent about five to ten minutes crafting these email campaigns. And adding it to a service provider wasn’t much work either. After a customer placed an order, on our store, they’d receive emails automatically. I didn’t have to do any additional work. If I had just started sending out marketing emails sooner, I probably would’ve made a lot more money.
  • It doesn’t cost as much as ads: So you might be wondering why I didn’t send emails to an entire email list. I focused on marketing to customers only for one big reason: money. Sending emails out to an entire list will cost you more money. Why? Because you pay for an email provider based on the size of your list. Plus, by focusing on people who had already purchased from my store once, there was a greater chance that I could make them buy a second time so I knew they’d be more profitable.
  • It’s an additional channel: Email marketing is one of the top marketing channels for most businesses. Most ecommerce brands focus on social media, and of course that’s an important channel, but email marketing can be just as profitable if not more. As you start developing and growing your business, you should invest in email marketing to re-engage your list, as you add new products to your store or have new sales to promote.

These Exact 3 Email Campaigns Made Me an Extra $6,504.82

VIP Email Campaign:

vip emails

I created the VIP email marketing campaign to help our customers feel part of an exclusive community. We ended up making $983.63 revenue from this email which had a 34.3% open rate and a 4.6% click through rate.

Why it works:

  • This email campaign was sent out within a day of someone purchasing on the store but came through a Facebook ad. We then show them other products on our store but not the ones from our ads which tend to be best sellers.
  • Even though we only offered a 10% discount, we included the discount price of other sales in the store to make the discount look more attractive
  • We made customers feel like they were part of an exclusive club

Things to do before sending out the email:

  • Create a discount code in your Shopify store with the discount code name: VIPCLUB
  • Fill in the details within the brackets [ ] with your own details and links

VIP Email Campaign Template:

Subject: Welcome to the VIP Club

Hi [name],

As a [store name] customer, you’re automatically enrolled in our VIP Club. Using discount code: VIPCLUB you’ll get an additional 10% off all your future purchases, just for being a member.

With 50% off promotions still running, you’ll be able to save up to 60% off your purchases today.

We’ve added some great new products this week, [here’s a sneak preview.]

If you have any questions, feel free to personally email me anytime.

[Your Name]

Founder, [Store Name]

Thank You For Your Purchase Email Campaign:

social responsibility

We created this email campaign to thank our customers for their purchase and to educate them on our social responsibility focus. This email made $2002.54 in revenue, had a 47% open rate with a 5.1% click through rate.

Why it works:

  • This email is sent immediately after a customer purchases a product on the store
  • It makes the customer realize they’re making a difference for an important cause just by buying products they love
  • Three products are included at the end of the email though it isn’t the focus of the email

Things to do before sending out the email:

  • Choose a cause you want to donate to that aligns well with your brand. For example, an elephant themed store might donate to a wildlife fund. You need to actually donate a percentage of sales or profits to the cause. You know, because otherwise it’s fraud.
  • Fill in the details within the brackets [ ] with your own details and links

Thank You For Your Purchase Email Campaign Template:

Subject: You warmed someone’s heart ❤

Hi [name],

We just wanted to email you and let you know we’re grateful for you. Your purchase just helped make someone’s day a little bit brighter.

A portion of your purchase helps support [cause].

Here are a few organizations we support and love:

[include logos for organizations your brand donates to]

[Demographic] are [number] times more likely to suffer from [cause].

Funding from our sales helps support causes like


    Your support puts us closer to fulfilling our mission of helping people and that makes us grateful to you. You’re awesome!

    Other Items You’d Love!

    [include three products in the email]

    Follow-up Email Campaign

    thank you email

    We created a follow-up email marketing campaign similar to our VIP email but wanted to segment the audience (non-Facebook traffic source) to show them a different collection of products. This email made $3,518.65 in revenue, had an open rate of 29.8% and a 2.2% click-through rate.

    Why it works:

    • This email is sent to customers who don’t come from our ads and is sent a day later, they’re then shown the main offer that we promote in our ads since they didn’t buy those products. Since they’re shown our best-sellers, this ad while similar to our VIP email ends up generating more sales
    • It entices customers with an additional discount
    • Three products are included at the end of the email though it isn’t the focus of the email

    Things to do before sending out the email:

    • Create a discount code in the Shopify admin
    • Fill in the details within the brackets [ ] with your own details and links

    Follow-up Email Template

    Subject Line: Here’s an additional 10% off all our best-selling [product name]


    Thanks for your recent purchase. While you wait for your order to arrive, we wanted to share with you more items we think you’d love.

    Order today and get an additional 10% off all [product collection] at checkout. Just click on any of the items below and the discount code [insert discount name here and bold it] will be automatically applied at checkout.

    [include products from that collection]


    These email campaigns are great if you’re just starting out. As you become more comfortable with email marketing, you can focus on creating your own email marketing campaigns to increase conversions, increase open rates and boost your click-through rate. If you want to tap a bigger audience, feel free to market to your entire email list instead of your customer list only.

    Want to learn more?

    Have you ever created an email campaign that boosted your store’s sales? Comment below!

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