27 May, 2019

How to See Your Instagram Unfollowers (And Get Them Back)

Instagram unfollowers lowering your follower count? Building a loyal audience can be hard work. And with Instagram removing followers all the time (the fake kind) it can feel like it’s hard to pass the next big milestone. If you find yourself with more unfollowers on Instagram than ever before, you might want to try out some of these apps to see who unfollowed you. And towards the end of this article, we’ll teach you a free trick to help you win back your Instagram followers while gaining more.

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What Are Instagram Unfollowers?

Instagram unfollowers are the people who once followed your Instagram account but eventually unclicked the Follow button. Unfollowers on Instagram may be friends, business fans, or bots.

You can see your Instagram unfollowers using an unfollowers for Instagram app. By knowing who unfollowed you, you can reach out and find out why. By doing this, you can get to the root cause of a lower follower count to improve your Instagram marketing.

How to See Your Instagram Unfollowers

1. Unfollow for Instagram – Non Followers & Fans

You can see your Instagram unfollowers with this handy Unfollow for Instagram app by Team Unfollow. Followed someone on Instagram and want to know if they followed you back? This app can be used to tell you who on your Following list isn’t following back, unfollow multiple users on Instagram at the same time, Instafollow anyone on Instagram, and it helps answer the burning question, “Who unfollowed me on Instagram?” But if you’re looking to gain Instagram followers, this app won’t help with that.

2. Unfollowers for Instagram App

Follow Cop’s Unfollowers for Instagram app allows you to see your Instagram unfollowers, be featured on Global Shoutout to get more Instagram followers, view people who unfollowed you recently, mass unfollow up to 20 people at a time, and more. You can also use this Instagram unfollowers app to filter out fake Instagram accounts that follow you. By removing fake accounts from your follower list, you’ll be less likely to have your account flagged by Instagram.

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram

1. Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Looking for a tool that’ll help you figure out how to unfollow everyone on Instagram? App creator Thai Dinh’s Mass Unfollow for Instagram can give you a hand with that. It allows you to bulk delete the people you follow on Instagram. You can also bulk block or unblock users, unlike photos, and delete photos on Instagram. So if you’re looking to do a mass cleanup of your Instagram account, this app is ideal for that.

2. Followers & Unfollowers

One Tap Labs’ Followers & Unfollowers app can help you see who doesn’t follow you back, your mutual followers that you follow, which of your followers you don’t follow, people who recently unfollowed you, and more. With this Android app, you can also do a mass unfollow of up to 50 people at a time. The 50-account limit is there so your account doesn’t get identified as a bot on Instagram. So if you want to unfollow everyone on Instagram, you should only unfollow 50 accounts a time to be on the safe side.

Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram?

Ah, the ultimate question–  “Who unfollowed me on Instagram?” Whether you’re looking to catch friends who recently unfollowed you or a business owner trying to win back lost unfollowers, there are a few things to keep in mind when trying to figure out who your Instagram unfollowers are.

It can be pretty heart-aching to find out that one of your closest friends unfollowed you on Instagram. And business owners can become sad seeing their follower count drop too. Are you seeking closure? Want to right a wrong? Determine why someone unfollowed you? The reason for wanting to know who your unfollowers on Instagram are is important.

Why Do People Unfollow on Instagram?

If you’re looking to win back an Instagram unfollower, it is possible. But sometimes losing a few followers can actually a good thing. I mean, does anybody really want a bunch of fake followers who only followed you in the hopes of getting followed back? They were never going to buy your products anyway.

Here are a few reasons why someone might unfollow a brand on Instagram:

  • You post too frequently/infrequently
  • They’re not interested in your content
  • They followed you by accident
  • They’re a fake account/bot
  • They wanted to get a follow back
  • You offered a bad product/customer service and they’re frustrated
  • You didn’t respond to their comment/direct message
  • They only followed you to win a giveaway/contest
  • You changed the type of content you share
  • Your content offended them
  • They want to reduce the number of accounts appearing in their feed
  • You post low-quality photos
  • Your posts are too salesy
  • Your posts are no longer relevant (especially if you own a milestone business: weddings, maternity, etc.)

Here are a few reasons why someone might unfollow an individual on Instagram:

  • You had a falling out
  • One of your posts offended them
  • Your posts are depressing or overly optimistic
  • The person doesn’t like social media
  • The person unfollowed others too and wanted to minimize the number of accounts whose posts they saw
  • You haven’t spoken to each other in a long time
  • You post too many pictures (of your pet, your baby, yourself, memes, quotes, etc.)
  • They think you unfollowed them when you temporarily deactivated your account
  • They don’t think a follow on social media is a sign of friendship

How to Ask Someone Why They Unfollowed You on Instagram

There is a glimmer of hope in all this. It is possible that someone unfollowed you and is still your friend or fan of your business. Not all Instagram unfollowers hate the people and brands they unfollow.

Take my fiance for instance. A couple months ago, I noticed he unfollowed me on Twitter. I swiveled around in my chair in the living room and casually asked, “Why did you unfollow me on Twitter?” He said, “I hate social media. I unfollowed everyone except Shopify, I don’t want to see movie spoilers or be inundated with news every time I go on social media.” And we’re still happily engaged. So if it’s a close friend, just ask the simple question if you want to make the friendship work.

If you aren’t close to the Instagram unfollower, you can send them one of these messages via a Direct Message to check in:

“Hey there, noticed you recently unfollowed us on Instagram. I just wanted to check-in to see if everything’s okay.”

“Hey there, saw that you recently unfollowed us on Instagram. Would love to get your feedback so we can improve our content for customers like you.”

“Hey there, just saw that you unfollowed me on Instagram. Is everything okay? I just wanted to let you know that I value our in-person friendship more than our social media one. And if you wanted to catch up for drinks soon, I’d love to know how things are going for you.”

How to Win Back Your Instagram Unfollowers

Once you get the feedback from your Instagram unfollowers. It’s time to decide how to proceed.

Here’s how to win back your Instagram unfollowers:

Step 1: Contact Instagram Unfollowers

I know it can be terrifying to get feedback. Criticism can sting. And while you can always hide from the truth, not knowing it can hurt your business even more long-term. Keep in mind that one negative comment about your posting schedule isn’t enough to make a major change. So keep a list of all the reasons why people unfollow you and what type of negative comments they leave on your posts. If you start seeing a pattern emerge you’ll want to take action and make a change to better serve your customers.

Step 2: Focus on Improving

Once you know what the most common complaint is, change your strategy. For example, if people say you post too frequently (three times a day), reduce it down to one post a day and make the second post an Instagram Story.

If the negative feedback is about a product issue, resolve the issue on Instagram. Often times, social media ask customers to contact support via email, but they contacted you on Instagram because that’s how they want to communicate with you.

Sometimes customers are put off by overly salesy content that don’t provide value. For example, you might’ve posted a product photo on a plain white background on your account. Instead, you might change your strategy to include more influencer photos or videos to create higher quality and engaging content.

Making tweaks to your strategy can help reduce your Instagram unfollowers. Don’t overreact to any single comment by changing your entire strategy. One comment isn’t enough to make a change. If you have more than 10 negative comments about the same feedback, that’s when you should start considering a change in game plan.

Step 3: Follow-Up

After three weeks of consistently changing your strategy, it’s time to follow up with those who gave you feedback. However, in your message, don’t ask for them to follow back. Instead, focus on your gratitude for the feedback. You can send them a message like this:

“Hey [name], just wanted to thank you again for that honest feedback you gave me a few weeks ago. You made me realize that I was too [fill in the blankets – salesy, over-the-top with my posting schedule, etc.] and I’ve made some changes thanks to you. I really appreciate the feedback you gave me. Thanks again :)”

Not all of your Instagram unfollowers will follow you back, but you’ll get a few who will admire that you took their advice to heart and did what they asked. If you have the budget for it, you can even send them a small gift from your website as a thank you. And by doing that, you might not just gain back a follower but a loyal customer.


Getting a lot of Instagram unfollowers can be a blessing in disguise. Catch it early enough using apps that help you find the answer to “Who unfollowed me on Instagram?” and you might be able to prevent a long-term decline in followers. But you’ve got to take action. Having that uncomfortable conversation with former followers will only help you grow. Not all will respond. But the ones that do can give you an outsider’s look into your business. And that kind of perspective can be really helpful. So be brave enough to get feedback so that you can build the kind of brand that everyone wants to follow.

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