Oberlo has been growing quickly over the past two years. We’ve achieved some great things together, and great success is naturally followed by fierce competition.

We’ve long held the position of not making comparisons. We honestly focus 100% of our attention on our customers. But after receiving several complaints about the Dropified app (formerly Shopified) we had to make an exception.

This article compares Oberlo and Dropified in terms of the following aspects:

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Product Sources – What Products Can I Import?

Oberlo and Dropified both allow users to import dropshipped products to their stores.

Dropified dropshipping and other dropshipping apps might offer different sources for your products, like Walmart or Amazon, but we recommend against using these channels. They’re not sustainable for dropshipping entrepreneurs, and it’ll ultimately affect your profit margins.

Automations – What Part of My Dropshipping Business Can I Automate?

You probably already know how dropshipping works – you add a product to your store and after you receive an order, your supplier ships it directly to your customers for you. You never have to buy or carry expensive inventory.

Oberlo and the Dropified app automate almost every part of your dropshipping business so you don’t need to spend hours adding products to your store, or filling in customer information after you receive an order.

In addition, both apps offer a number of other handy automations:

Oberlo Dropified
Automated Product Import + +
Automated Order Fulfillment + +
Daily Product Sync + +
Shipment Tracking + +
Pricing Automation + +
Automated Supplier Change + +

There are no game changing differences here. Both apps automate the entire business model.

Sustainability – Can I Trust You With My Business?

You build your entire business around your sourcing solution, which means you should be extremely careful when selecting business partners.

For instance, some Oberlo users see well over $100,000 worth of sales every month. Now imagine what would happen if Oberlo closed tomorrow. Your business would be gone too.

I can assure you this will not happen with Oberlo.

We’re the oldest and the biggest dropshipping solution. We’re a team of 100+ people and we’re invested in building a sustainable and reliable product.

We’re also one of the most popular dropshipping apps on the Shopify app store. We have over 20,000 users using our platform. And the number keeps growing each day. We’re committed to Oberlo’s success which is why we keep introducing new features, like Oberlo Supply, to simplify and improve the dropshipping experience for our users.

It’s one of our top priorities – to build a product you can trust for your business.

We’ve been featured on leading business publications like The Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Next Web.

I can’t say anything specific about the credibility of the Dropified app, but their quality trade-offs can be noticed from the moment you enter their website. And I couldn’t find any non-affiliate proof that it works.

Customer Support – Will There Be Anyone When I Need Help?

Oberlo offers 23/7 support. The Dropified app offers 9 hours/5 days a week support.

In addition, Oberlo has a very detailed self-service center, runs a great ecommerce blog where we respond to comments, offers free dropshipping courses and eBooks, and hosts a leading dropshipping community forum, Ask.Oberlo, where you can interact with other Oberlo dropshippers.

Oberlo takes support extremely seriously. Our customer success team consists of real e-commerce store owners who can assist you with Oberlo or Shopify. And they can also help with e-commerce or online marketing in general. Many of our employees run their own online stores to produce better content, give better advice and discover better solutions.

Oberlo Reviews

More reviews at Shopify App Store

And you can always reach out to me directly, or any of our in-house writers featured on our blog who will personally answer messages by email or on social media. We’re very easy to reach.

Oberlo is way ahead the competition – not only in comparison to Dropified, but in general comparison to any other tool on the marketplace.

Dropified Review – What Do Others Say About Dropified and Oberlo?

You can read Oberlo Reviews on the Shopify App Store: https://apps.shopify.com/oberlo. Since the Dropified app is not listed on the Shopify App Store, it’s hard to find Dropified reviews other than those on their homepage.

As mentioned before, Oberlo is the #1 app on the Shopify App Store, boasting over 1000 reviews. Oberlo has also been reviewed by numerous blogs and YouTube channels: eCommerce Platforms, Kevin Muldoon, and Casual Ecommerce.

Ecommerce Platforms Review-min

Ecommerce Platforms Oberlo rating: 5 out of 5.

When looking for reviews of an app like Dropified, watch out for affiliate links. You might find someone saying good things about them just because they receive a commission for bringing in new customers.

Pricing – Do I Get For What I Pay For?

This one is tricky.

Let’s first agree on what features are essential to run an online business of any size. You will definitely need to a) add products to your store, and then b) ship them to your customers, right?

To do that with the Dropified app, you’ll need to purchase their most expensive plan for $47.00/month. No other plan allows you to actually ship products! Clearly, we think that’s ridiculous…

Shopified App Plans

If you want to ship orders to your customers, you’ll need to purchase the most expensive Shopified app plan.

At Oberlo, the plans aren’t linked to your order volume. All Oberlo plans have unlimited order counts, so you’ll never need to worry about that when you’re running your business.

You can download the Oberlo Chrome Extension totally free. It allows you to easily import products. You can also easily find items with ePacket shipping.


Dropified was launched almost half a year after Oberlo. It’s no surprise they have very similar features and value propositions.

Oberlo jumped to the #1 position in the Shopify App Store within its first 6 months of existence. We have many small competitors, and we typically don’t do comparisons, but this Dropified vs Oberlo article was much needed.

After reviewing both apps in terms of product sources, automations, sustainability, customer support, ratings, and price, we think it’s clear that the absolute winner is Oberlo.

With Oberlo’s support helping you with your business you’re more likely to succeed.

You’ll have reliable business partners that don’t try to constantly upsell you. You’ll also join an amazing community of both seasoned and first-time dropshippers.

And that’s without revealing what our team are working on to better serve dropshippers around the world.

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