How to Run a Business Whilst Traveling the World

run a business whilst traveling

To many, traveling the world whilst running your own business is a dream lifestyle. Not only will you be able to decide which destination in the world you’ll be working from, you’ll also be able to choose your working hours, and fit them around your life. If you wish to pursue the digital nomad lifestyle then you’ll need to be disciplined with yourself, and make sure that you put in the necessary work that will allow your business to prosper.

If you’re looking to travel the world whilst running your own business then we suggest using business models that are easier to manage whilst on the move. We recommend using a dropshipping business model if you’re looking to run a business whilst traveling the world — it’s simple to get started and you won’t need to spend hours slaving over your laptop every day.

In this article we will show you how you can run your own dropshipping business with ease, no matter where you are in the world. At the end of this article you’ll be ready to dive into your adventure as a globetrotting entrepreneur.

Let’s get started.

Running a Dropshipping Business

run a business whilst traveling

If you’re looking to run your own ecommerce business whilst you’re travelling the world, we highly recommend that you choose to run your store with a dropshipping business model.

You may ask, “What is dropshipping?”. The answer is simple — it’s a business model that allows entrepreneurs to run their own ecommerce stores without ever handling any inventory. This means that you’ll never need to worry about crowding your home with products, or wasting valuable business funds renting a storage space for your products.

Instead of managing your stores inventory, you’ll simply store your products in your supplier’s warehouse until a customer places an order. When a customer has ordered a product, you’ll contact your supplier who will then ship it directly to their doorstep.

A dropshipping business is simple to setup, and you’ll be able to manage it from anywhere in the world — this is why it’s the perfect business model for somebody who is traveling the world.

All you need to get started with your own dropshipping business is Shopify, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, and Oberlo — the leading tool for finding and selling dropshipped products. You can read our article which details how you can get your own dropshipping store up and running in less than 30mins here.

Running a Business Whilst Travelling the World

Now that we’ve covered the best business model to run your business with, it’s time that we provide you with some actionable tips that will help you to succeed as a globetrotting entrepreneur. Below you’ll find some advice with a proven track record that will help you to successfully balance work and play. Let’s go.

Set Yourself Achievable Goals

run a business whilst traveling

If you’re excited about becoming an entrepreneur and you truly believe that you can succeed, it can be easy to get discouraged if you don’t find immediate success. Yes, some entrepreneurs may make $5000 in their first week, but the chances that you’ll be able to generate this much in revenue during your first week are slim, especially if it’s your first time running your own store.

Instead of setting unrealistic expectations for yourself, set achievable goals based on the amount of time and resources that you’re committing to your ecommerce business. Not only will this help you to maintain a positive mindset with your store, it’ll also help you to prioritize your tasks. Entrepreneurship is a long journey, and it’s key that you bare this in mind on bad days.

Plan Your Time Wisely

When you’re an entrepreneur who is traveling the world, it’s critical that you plan your time wisely. It’s likely that you won’t be able to commit each day solely to running and growing your business, so you’ll need to be efficient and effective when you can work.

Be realistic with the amount of time that you’ll need to work to complete specific tasks, and try to understand which hours of the day you’ll be most effective. If you’re generally an early riser, dedicate some of your morning to work. If you think you’re a night owl then do your adventuring during the day, and commit the evening to your work. Find out what fits you best, and use it to your advantage.

It can be difficult to maintain a schedule, and it will certainly be harder when you’re traveling the world, but you can ensure that your business prospers with clever planning and ample preparation. If you find that you can’t work due to some unforeseen circumstances then you’ll need to make sure that you make up for those lost hours at a later date — ecommerce is a competitive industry and it’s key that you stay ahead of the crowd.

Learn to Be Your Own Boss

run a business whilst traveling

As an entrepreneur who is traveling the world, it’s likely that you’ll be operating your business solo, at least whilst you’re getting started. With this in mind, it’s important that you know how to be your own boss.

Being your own boss has a lot of positives. You’ll be able to decide the location where you’ll be working from, the amount of hours that you’ll be working every day, and the tasks which you’ll be prioritizing. However, when you are your own boss, the success of your ecommerce business will fall on your own shoulders, so it’s critical that you’re strict with your work output.

A great tip to maintain high-quality work output from yourself is to write down everything that you’ve done during the past week, and ask yourself how your boss would feel if you were working under somebody. Be honest with yourself, and assess your own performance. If you see any areas for improvement then make sure that you’re working towards them.

Find a Stable Workplace

run a business whilst traveling

Whether you’re traveling to a new country every week, or you’re based in a specific city for a few months, it’s important that you find a stable workplace for yourself. When you set aside a specific location, whether that be a desk in your hotel, or a cafe down the street, it’s important that you focus solely on your business whilst you’re there.

Try to find somewhere that has free, reliable wifi whilst you’re traveling. If you’re running a dropshipping business you’ll be relying on a stable internet connection to work properly. If you’re in a remote area, you can always buy a mobile internet hotspot to help you connect to the internet — they’re usually less than $10 and they can prove to be invaluable for digital nomads.

Use Tools Which Cross Time Zones

When you’re running a dropshipping business, you’ll be able to ship your products to people all over the word. These people will also likely be in different timezones, which is critical to bare in mind when you’re marketing your store. Your marketing efforts will be much more effective if they’re distributed in a timely manner — if you’re sending emails out at 3am then your audience are less likely to engage with them.

Most marketing tools, like Buffer,  allow you to schedule your marketing interactions in advance. If you already know that you’ll be unable to work, or that you’ll be without internet at a specific time, these tools allow you to ensure that your business continues to grow.

Managing Business Issues Whilst Traveling

run a business whilst traveling

When you’re running your own ecommerce business whilst traveling the world, you may run into some technical issues with your store. It’s critical that you understand how this will affect your business, and the best way to resolve them — this way you’ll be back to work in no time.

If you’re running an ecommerce business, you’ll likely need to use your credit card relatively frequently. This may lead to some issues when you’re traveling the world, as your bank will likely have fraud detection systems in place that could flag you if they see that your card is being used from various different IP addresses. If you find that your card is blocked, it’s key to remember that this happened primarily for your safety, and to inform your customers of any delays to their orders.

Some countries impose restrictions preventing you from visiting certain websites. We recommend having a VPN in place so that you are prepared for those destinations where this is unfortunately the case. A VPN will allow you to connect to the internet with a different IP address, which should allow you to bypass the internet restrictions enforced by a local internet service provider (ISP).

Start Your Dropshipping Adventure Today

Now that we’ve covered some of the best practices for running a business whilst traveling the world, it’s time for you to get started with your dropshipping adventure. Use the tips and tricks from this article and you’ll be in good stead to launch and run your own successful ecommerce business. Enjoy the experience and make sure that you put the work in — it’ll pay off in the end.

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