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Consumer electronics sales calendar

November & December

There is a strong seasonality when it comes to sales in the consumer electronics niche. The biggest spike in interest for consumer electronics is in November and December. This demand is a result of the Christmas holidays, as consumers step up their shopping game in a bid to take care of gifts for loved ones (or in plenty of cases, themselves).

In America roughly 30% of all yearly electronics sales take place between Thanksgiving and the festive holidays. You know what that means? The holiday season is the time to ramp up your sales game. Especially on Black Friday. Customers are looking for great deals on electrical items – so give it to them. Start by offering free shipping. And then watch this video to discover 5 more Black Friday tips:

Graduation season

Graduation for high schools is around the end of April to early May; for colleges mid-May to early June. According to the National retail Federation, in the US the average consumer is planning to spend over $100 on graduation gifts this year (2018). Those gifts are for high school students about to move onto the next stage of their education, and for college graduates about to step into the real world. Here’s a breakdown of what gifts the average consumer will spend their money on when offering a gift to graduates:

55% – cash

43% – greeting card

32 % – gift card

14% – apparel

10% – electronics

So, 10% of consumers will spend their graduate gift money on electronics. This is a market you can sell your consumer electronics to! On top of that, you can also offer gift cards in your store. This way, if a customer is not certain of what product they want to gift to a graduate, they can buy a gift card and let the recipient decide for themselves.

But of course, you can sell consumer electronics all year long with your store – but bookmark these periods and seasons as the time when you can ramp up your marketing to get more sales. We’re rooting for you!

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