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14 Free Shopify Apps You Need to Install

Article by Nicole Martins Ferreira

When you’re running your ecommerce business with Shopify, adding apps can be expensive, but they can add so much value to your online store. We are going to walk you through the best free Shopify apps on the market that you need to install today.

Whether you’re using a dropshipping importer, or a tool to help with your email campaigns, you can quickly grow your store– even on a tight budget. These must have Shopify apps have free options but have paid plans that can grow with your ecommerce business, no matter what your budget is.

So let’s get started counting down Shopify’s best free apps.

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1. Oberlo

Oberlo by Shopify What it is: Dropshipping product importer app.

Why you should use it: Oberlo allows store owners to easily import dropshipping products in one click, allowing you to have products for your store the day you sign up. There’s no need to buy bulk inventory, and you won’t have to spend money designing your own products.

This app allows new entrepreneurs to start a low-risk business. You can also process your orders through the app. Once you receive an order, you can process it in only one click as the entire process is automated. This great free Shopify app is perfect for those who may still be working a 9 to 5 job as the workload is very light. It allows you to focus on marketing your store which allows you to grow quickly.

2. Sales Notification

Sales Notification App by MakeProSimpl

What it is: Sales conversion notification app.

Why you should use it: Sales Notification is the best Shopify app to boost your online store’s sales. This will give you the ability to encourage purchases through sales notifications. Set cart notifications to add urgency for customers to purchase along with social proof of the popularity of a product. Even offer private or free products to visitors depending on their product choice.

3. Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat by

What it is: Facebook messenger chat app.

Why you should use it: Using this app early on will prove to be very useful for your business down the road. Having a real-time communication channel with your customers can help you to answer their questions quickly so they can purchase products with certainty. This live chat app allows you to connect your ecommerce store with your Facebook profile meaning your customer service can be a step above your competition.

4. Thank You Email

Thank You Email by Autoketing

What it is: Gratitude email app.

Why you should use it: Most people spend so much time trying to get a customer that when they finally land the sale they forget to continue marketing to them. Autoketing allows you to send an email to a customer after they’ve placed an order on your store. Since a customer has just purchased with you, they’ll be much more likely to open an email from you – they might even expect it. Introduce yourself as the founder of the company and build a personal connection with your customer, and promote your great brand. Try delaying sending the email so that customers don’t assume it’s automated.

5. Omnisend

Omnisend Email Marketing

What is it: Email marketing app with omnichannel features

Why you should use it: Unlike a lot of email marketing apps for Shopify, Omnisend takes it further than just email. You can create robust automation workflows from easy-to-customize templates, to which you can add several channels: email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, push notifications, WhatsApp, and more.This app helps online sellers send the perfect message to their customers: whether its an email capture popup with a sweet incentive, or a cart abandonment SMS to recover lost sales. Their smart segmentation helps with targeting based on your customer’s data, campaign engagement, and shopping behavior. For ecommerce marketers who need to take email marketing to the next level, Omnisend is definitely worth a try.

6. Sales Countdown Timer

Sales Countdown Time Bar by SpurIT

What it is: Countdown Timer App

Why you should use it: You can optimize your online store by creating a sense of urgency with a countdown timer. If you ever used one and suddenly stopped, you might’ve even noticed a dip in sales. Countdown timers help convince buyers that right now is the time to buy. The app works extremely well with impulse buy products to help you convert the customer. You can change this timer to better suit your store theme. You can choose your start and end dates. Scarcity tactics can also be used with this timer with phrases like ‘only a few products left.’ If you have the traffic and need help convincing people to buy this app may help.

7. Product Reviews

Product Reviews by Shopify

What it is: Product Review App

Why you should use it: Both Product Reviews and their paid Product Reviews Addon app are great for store owners. Allowing customers to review your products can help build your social proof on your product page. The app is also SEO friendly allowing you to add your product review scores in Google’s search. Low scores get flagged so you can resolve issues with customers easily. High scores get added to your website. When customers search via Google, your product score can help encourage click through to land customers you might not have otherwise gotten. While it is paid, their Product Reviews Addon app has several other features that might be worth checking out in the future.

8. Free Persistent Cart App Free Persistent Cart App by Marsello

What it is: Abandoned cart app.

Why you should use it: If you find that your customers move from one device to another to complete their purchase, this free Shopify app is for you. If a customer logs into your store, they’ll easily find the products they added to their cart regardless of what device they’re on. Some people choose to start their search on mobile but buy on desktop or vice versa. Having their cart appear on all their devices helps increase sales by reminding them that there are items in their cart waiting to be purchased.

9. Free Shipping Bar

Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

What it is: Shipping details app.

Why you should use it: When it comes to online shopping, customers want to know how much shipping will cost. If you offer free shipping you can mention that your store offers free shipping on all purchases. If your store offers a free shipping threshold, you can help increase average order value by being clear about it. By having the bar installed on your website, customers can easily see the shipping details to help ease them into a purchase. The bar is clear and visible allowing browsers to get access to shipping information without having to go through the checkout process. It likely helps lower abandoned carts as well.

10. Points, VIP, Referral Programs

Smile: Rewards and Loyalty by What it is: Loyalty app.

Why you should use it: It’s important to show your customers you appreciate them. This free Shopify app allows you to reward your customers by giving them points. They can use their points to redeem special offers such as discounts, free products or free shipping. According to their page, their customers are seeing a 20% increase in repeat customers. It’s much more affordable to remarket to someone who’s already familiar with your brand than to find new customers which makes this app even more appealing. You can even surprise your customers with special offers on their birthday which helps make their special day more memorable putting your brand at top of mind.

11. Exit Intent Popups

Exit Intent Popups by OptiMonk

What it is: Pop-up app.

Why you should use it: Pop-ups can be an extremely effective way to build up your email list. With this excellent Shopify app, you can offer a special discount in exchange for new followers or subscribers. This is great for store owners looking to grow their followings for social influence. The discount incentive helps encourage a purchase which helps convert customers who were only on your site to browse. You can even lower your abandoned carts with their exit pop-ups. Keep in mind that pop-ups can be annoying so be sure to remove any other pop-up apps. You’ll want to check your mobile site when you’ve installed the app to ensure that it works well on your website as you don’t want to lower mobile conversions.

12. Plug-in SEO
Plug in SEO by Plug in Useful

What it is: SEO app.

Why you should use it: While advertising is great for sales, you also want to increase your store’s organic traffic. Having this SEO plug-in helps you better optimize your web pages by giving you suggestions on how you can improve. If you’re on a tight budget, you can master SEO on your own with this easy-to-use tool. You’ll know if your image alt-tags are correctly labelled, you can check your website speed, and more. There’s a paid version for those looking to benefit from some extra features. With over 1,816 4.7-star reviews, this is an app you should definitely install on your store.

13. Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications by PushOwl

What it is: Push notification app

Why you should use it: Push notifications have been growing in popularity. Every time you add new products to your website or new blog posts, you can notify your customers to check it out via their computer notifications. With this free Shopify app, you can let customers know about special promotions you’re having which can help boost sales on your store. You’ll want to make sure you don’t have any other pop-ups on your webpage to reduce mobile issues and to keep the focus getting clicks for notifications. The best part is that when they abandon the cart you can send push notifications which can help bring the customer back.

14. Kit

Kit by Kit CRM What is it: Automated marketing app

Why you should use it: Kit automates marketing. From creating campaigns to reminding you to post new content on your social media, it’s the marketing helper every store owner needs. The app integrates well with other marketing apps like Shoelace, a retargeting app. You can also send emails to repeat customers. Or create discount codes to help encourage a sale. You can also easily access reports to determine your sales performance.

Considerations Before Installing a Shopify App

Shopify apps are a great way to improve your ecommerce store and automate tasks so you can spend more time on other things. But you can run into some problems if you start using more apps. These include:

  • Reduced site speed: Each time your website loads so must the apps being used on it. Depending on how many apps you have installed and how taxing they can be to your website, your site speed can be negatively affected. Before installing an app ask yourself if you really need it, and maybe you can delete an old app instead.
  • Non-compatibility: Sometimes one app does not work with another one. It is unfortunate but it can happen. Research if other Shopify users have tried the two apps, or reach out to the app developers before installing so you don’t run into any problems. Installing apps without checking compatibility can mean a loss in sales, conversions, and traffic so it is worth the time to look into it.
  • Increase in site noise: Apps are brilliant for small businesses and dropshippers but sometimes we are too inspired and include too many apps on our websites. Before long we notice that we have three popup apps, two live chat apps, and an app that is no longer relevant to the site. Before installing an app check that none of your already installed apps can provide the features you are looking for.
  • Depreciated apps: Apps serve a purpose and, like with everything in tech, the solution they provide can become outdated and not needed after a while. Do a regular checkup of your apps to make sure they are all up-to-date and supported to make sure nothing negatively affects your website unnecessarily.

Next Steps

There are many best free Shopify apps depending on what you want to achieve so the above list only scratches the surface. Once you set up your dropshipping store with Shopify take your time to look through the Shopify App Store to learn more about what is on offer. Check out the many categories, and make a list of the capabilities that you want within your website. With the wide range of apps available the sky is the limit for your ecommerce store no matter what.

These are just a few of the best free Shopify Apps. What apps do you use for your store? Which are your favorite?

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