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Your store’s product collections help customers find the products they love. We wanted to help store owners make shopping on their online stores easier for their customers so we developed a Variant Mapping feature to simplify the browsing experience.

This feature is available for Basic and Pro subscription plan users. If you’re currently on the Starter Plan and want to gain instant access to this feature, you can upgrade your subscription here.

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What is the Variant Mapping Feature?

Variant Mapping allows you to sell the same product from different suppliers who may offer it in different colors, styles, sizes, or any other distinct difference while including them all on one product page in Shopify. This helps customers find all the possible styles or sizes they need on the same product page so that they don’t need to browse the entire collection on your online store. After all, no one would think to look for different styles beyond the product page, so this feature makes that experience easier for customers.

What are the Benefits of Variant Mapping?

There are several benefits of the Variant Mapping feature:

1. Merge Options from Different Suppliers

Say you find an amazing leather jacket from Supplier A and it comes in three colors, and then you find the exact same jacket from Supplier B in four additional colors. Instead of having two separate listings, you can merge these two sets of products on the same listing. From a store owner perspective, this can help you direct all of your social and ad traffic to a single product page when promoting your leather jacket. The difference won’t always be a matter of colors – you might find that one supplier carries a plus size while another supplier carries an extra small.

Or you might find that there are similar designs you want to group together in your listing. For example, on AliExpress, electronic products with an EU plug will be on a separate listing than the USA plug. However, merging these two products together allows you to promote to an international audience without needing to separate your product pages.

Take a look at this bodycon dress – it has two colors and five sizes:

same dress variant mapping

After doing some digging around, we found another supplier selling the same dress with a new color but one less size.

variant mapping

Merging these two products to a single product page can help you sell to customers customers an additional color.

2.  Organize Your Store’s Layout

When browsing an online store, typically shoppers want to find all styles on a single product page. So if they see a top that they like, they can now easily view the same product in different styles. Previously, these different styles would need to be added to your store as separate product listings because they came from different suppliers. We wanted to help improve the shopping experience to allow you to sell similar products on the same product page so your customers could find all the styles they love in one place.

The style doesn’t have to be exactly the same. For example, say you run a funny slogan t-shirt store. You might choose to type in your slogan into the search bar and add all the styles for that slogan onto the same product page. Here we see various t-shirt designs for the slogan ‘Feed me tacos and tell me I’m pretty.’ If you wanted to group the styles on the same page, you could do that even though the designs are distinct.

variant mapping for different styles

3. Improve Your Out of Stock Products

If one of the styles, sizes, or colors runs out on your store, you can search through AliExpress to find the missing style and add that specific style to your store with ease. You won’t need to replace the entire listing.  

How to Use the Variant Mapping Feature

Mapping Variants

To use the Variant Mapping feature, you need to have already pushed the product to your website. If the product is still in your Import List, you’ll need to fill out product details first. To map a variant, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. In Oberlo, under “Manage Products,” click “My Products.”
  2. Click on the product you want to map other variants to.
  3. Click “Manage Variants.” manage variants
  4. Click “Add Product.”
  5. Then, paste the valid product link to the product with the corresponding variants and click ”Connect’.’’ Take note, that you’ll be able to add a total of five products to your product page. add product
  6. Under “Manage Variants” change the product source and pick the variant you want to map. To add an additional variant that isn’t already loaded on the product page, you will need to perform the following steps:
    • Click “Add Variant.”
    • Add option values for each variant, for instance, “Blue” or “XL.
    • Next, click the “Create Variants” button.
    • Then, select both the product and corresponding variant under the ”Manage Variants.”

create variantTake note that for an individual product page, you can have up to 100 variants. Having fewer options, (for example, under 10 options), for styles and colors can help make navigating the page easier for customers.

7. And once you finish that up, hit the “Save” button to complete the process.

Removing Mapped Variants

If you decide to remove the connected variant, or disconnect the whole product, follow the steps below:

  1. In Oberlo, under “Manage Products,” click “My Products.”
  2. Select the product whose variants you want to remove.
  3. Click “Manage Variants.”
  4. Select the trash bin icon beside the variant you want to remove.delete variant
  5. If you want to remove one of the source products instead, click on the x icon on the right hand side. This is only possible if the source product isn’t already mapped to any of the variants. Existing orders may be affected by this change. delete product
  6. Now, click “Save” to complete the process.

Discover thousands of products you can start selling online. No commitment, no credit card required.

Get Oberlo Now. It’s Free.


Variant mapping allows you to group similar styles and slogans, and add different colors and sizes from different suppliers onto a single product page. By using this feature, you’ll help customers better navigate your website while maintaining an organized online store. Variant mapping will allow you to run your business more efficiently by having a better user experience for your customers. So feel free to add additional styles to your products so customers can find more of what they love.

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Nicole Martins Ferreira
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