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Chart showing: Gen Z Online Shopping Habits

Gen Z Shopping Habits

Effective marketing strategies to use on Generation Z buyers requires having a good understanding of their likes and ways of life. This includes knowing how they shop and what they buy—both online and in-store.

Here’s a look at Gen Z’s shopping habits and how they differ when purchasing online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

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Gen Z online shopping habits

According to a recent survey of Gen Z’s shopping habits in 2022, the top products consumers in this age group purchase online are those in the clothing and shoes category. As many as 42% of Gen Z shoppers say they get these items over the internet. 

This is followed by entertainment products and electronics, which 41% and 39% of them acquire online, respectively.

Merchandise relating to leisure, sport, and hobby, as well as jewelry and accessories, are also popular items Gen Z consumers buy online. 35% of those surveyed say they purchase most of the products in these two categories on the internet. 

Gen Z’s online shopping habits also show that beauty products are also often bought online, with just over one in three (34%) of the Gen Z population getting these items digitally.

This is followed by:

  • Pharmaceutical products: 30%
  • Automobile parts or accessories: 28%
  • Groceries: 27%
  • Home and garden: 26%
  • Children products: 24%

Gen Z shopping habits (offline)

Chart showing: Gen Z shopping habits (offline)

The survey results on Gen Z’s shopping habits show vastly different acquisition styles in brick-and-mortar stores. For instance, where just over one in four Gen Z consumers say they buy most of their groceries online, more than half (53%) say they do so in-store.

This group of young shoppers also prefers to purchase pharmaceutical products in-store, with 40% of them saying they do so offline (compared to 30% who do so online).

This is followed by beauty products and automobile parts, which 32% and 31% of Gen Z buyers acquire in-store, respectively. Electronics and jewelry and accessories make up the top six product categories Gen Z shoppers prefer to buy offline, at 29% each.

Here are the other products Gen Z consumers purchase offline and the share of them who do so:

  • Clothing and shoes: 28%
  • Leisure, sport, and hobby: 28%
  • Children products: 27%
  • Entertainment: 26%

Even though the numbers on Gen Z’s shopping habits show they still frequent brick-and-mortar stores, the same survey shows that the generation would ditch physical stores over shopping online if they were forced to pick between online and offline shopping.

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